NYC Mosaic Face Powder "All Over Bronze Glow" Review

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Good Morning!

As I'm typing, I'm laying on my bed with my iPad eating a cup of noodles with siracha while 'The Last Holiday' plays in the background lol. I'm reviewing a bronzer that I bought at Target on friday along with other items I'll review. I ended up using it last night. Now, lets get to it!

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NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder ($3.99) is described as 'adding instant sun kissed color, helps reduce shine including oil absorbing and is fragrance free.' The packaging comes in a circular shape and contains four different shades in light to dark browns. The texture is matte; I had to swipe my contour brush two times to achieve the shade I wanted. I applied the bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks. It blended well into my skin and since my skin is so fair, it appeared pigmented. During the night, I didn't have a rash on my sensitive skin and it lasted about 4-5 hours. My skin did in fact have a sun kissed glow. I'm not very sure about it being oil absorbing or shine free since my skin is normal to dry. But I do know it does smell like powder which doesn't bother me. I definitely think it is worth buying and a bargain. For being cheap, it does do the job as a bronzer.

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My birthday was last saturday (August 9th)! I also decided to change my hair up about a week ago. I wanted to keep my natural hair as my base and go with some highlights. I went for a cascading, balayage, highlighting look lol. My highlights are as I like to say in tune for 'autumn/fall season' lol.



Vital Care Plus Herbal Naturals Shampoo

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Recently, I bought my favorite shampoo and conditioner by Vital Care Plus. I reviewed the conditioner here. I absolutely love these products because of the scent and how my hair feels so silky after washing.

This shampoo smells the same as the conditioner, lovely and fragrant. After using, my hair was shinier and felt softer. I used the conditioner as well, so my hair was shiny, silky and smelled really good. Neither of these products left residue in my hair. As I said before, I recommend buying or just trying out the shampoo and conditioner. 



Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask Avocado & Oatmeal

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Good Afternoon,

I haven't posted anything on my blog in a long time...I've been super busy with school!!! It's finally feeling like spring here in Sonoma County! I love this weather it's so perfect (75 degrees). I recently went to Walgreens and seen this lovely facial mask that I've been eyeing since forever.

From Walgreens website:

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask Purifying
    Made with natural botanical ingredients to help you look and feel your best. This rich clay mask, with added oatmeal and Vitamin E draw out excess oils and dirt, purging clogged pores, leaving your skin clean and soft.
    Made in USA

    Apply mask to face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes.  Let dry and rinse with warm water.

    ©Freeman Beauty Labs/pH Beauty Labs, Inc.

Cleans pores/pimples
No thick consistency
Leaves face soft and smooth

Product comes out fast

I have sensitive skin and this product didn't make me have any sudden breakouts. I definitely recommend this product!



R.I.P. Minney (February 12, 2014)

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This month has been HELL. Aside from school being a pain in the ass, an unfortunate event happened last (Wednesday, February 12th) week. My beloved baby (dog) girl Minney passed away. She was only 5 years old, gone way too soon. I swear, my dog Minney, was a baby! She was a young child trapped in a dog's body. I know that sounds insane, probably not even possible, but she didn't act like any dog I've ever known. I've had dogs all of my life. It's so heartbreaking what happened to her but I know she is in a lovely place, I just keep remembering... All Dogs Go To Heaven. I miss her so much and will never ever forget her! It's surprising to think that such a small, precious, dog could make a huge impact in my life. Today, I went to the Veterinary Hospital to pick up her cremation. I received her ashes in a beautiful cedar wood box, a stone with her paw print and a quote I chose, and a card with her paw print on the back from the sweet staff. I did shed many tears, but I know my Minney wouldn't want me upset. Minney you were the best dog I've ever had (Biddy too), you were just an innocent baby that loved us so much. Minney, thank you for all the memories, hugs, kisses, and laughs you shared with my family and I. You'll always be in my heart my Nin. Rest in peace our little baby/family member, we love you so much and will forever miss you :')

 Taffy (Her Mom) & Minney (Daughter)
R.I.P. Minney

Vital Care Herbal Organics Conditioner

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Hi Everyone!!!

I went to Grocery Outlet a couple of weeks ago and went to the organic body/hair care section. I came across this gem, Vital Care Plus Herbal Organics Conditioner. I believe it was priced for only $3.99! I think it is one of the best hair conditioners I've used, and I've used high end to low end conditioners. 

This conditioner made my hair completely soft and it smells so good. After my hair dried, it felt so silky and incredibly smooth. I recommend to buy it or just try it out!



Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!



Queen Helene Refining Pomegranate & Raspberry Natural Facial Scrub Review

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Hi everyone!

I have an overdue review lol. I bought this lovely Queen Helene exfoliant from Sally's Beauty Supply about a month ago. I've been using it once a week. I love the smell of pomegranate and raspberry together, such a great combination (I love anything pomegranate lol).   


Pomegranate and Raspberry Natural Facial Scrub
From the website: This delicately-fragrant scrub combines Raspberry Seeds with other natural exfoliates to wash away lifeless surface cells and impurities that dull your skin. Pomegranate Oil adds antioxidant protection against the environment's skin-aging effects, as the seeds work to gently expose fresher, more vibrant skin with renewed radiance. This lush, Paraben-free scrub effectively refines skin's texture and conditions it to maintain a vital moisture balance, which leaves your face feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. Use once a week or more often if your skin is oily. Ideal for use in the shower too.

I absolutely love this product! I read other reviews online about it and nobody seems to care for it. It smells so GOOD. It works great for exfoliating my face. I've noticed it doesn't dry out my face like most exfoliators do, it leaves a soft feeling after washing it off. The fall weather has been causing my face to dry easily, so I use this once a week. To add a more moisturizing effect, I just dab some almond oil on my face. I also love how it is cruelty free and paraben free.